Finding your "Hidden Marketing Assets"

A great checklist, or marketing evaluation, to help you find the “hidden marketing assets” already INSIDE your business:

Using the following checklist, identify the marketing potential you think your business has:

_____ Past Customers

_____ Present Customers

_____ Special knowledge or expertise in your industry

_____ Unique product or service

_____ Under-performing salespeople, both inside and outside sales

_____ Advertising that doesn’t presently get results

_____ Good relationships with vendors and suppliers

_____ A high percentage of satisfied customers

_____ Knowledge of the average sale amount or average invoice

_____ Products or services that can be offered after the initial sale

_____ Good community relationships

_____ Prospective customers

_____ Good location

_____ High level of employee or staff expertise

_____ Knowledge of the competition’s strengths and weaknesses

_____ Unique packaging or combination of products and services

_____ Good relationships with complementary businesses

_____ A great story to tell about your business or products

_____ A clearly defined target market or demographic group

_____ Successful advertising or marketing in the past

_____ A product or service on the “leading edge” of your industry

_____ Unique efficiencies in the business operations or production of your product

The more of these possibilities you checked, the more leverage you can receive by better optimizing your assets. And this can be done without spending more money or making costly and time-consuming changes in your operations.

Good luck!


~ by 21stCenturyMarketingSystems on November 18, 2009.

One Response to “Finding your "Hidden Marketing Assets"”

  1. great place to start… Customers. #1 and #2.

    Go ask them… they’ll tell you.

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