10 Biggest Marketing Wastes

The following list is essentially the table of contents of the FREE report available from our main website: http://www.21st-centurymarketing.com/ Follow the link, enter your email, confirm, and enjoy.

Waste #1: Failure to Define Marketing Correctly and Not Identifying Marketing Assets Already in the Business.

Waste #2: Failure to Execute Marketing Inside Before Going Outside!

Waste #3: Failure to Build a Marketing Plan Around the THREE WAYS TO GROW!

Waste #4: Failure to Have a USP – Unique Selling Proposition.

Waste #5: Failure to Communicate and Integrate the USP – Ongoing Sales Training

Waste #6: Failure to Understand the TRUE Lifetime Value of a Customer.

Waste #7: Failure to Make Advertising Direct Response.

Waste #8: Failure to Leverage Relationships: Inside and Outside the Business.

Waste #9: Failure to Implement Direct Marketing

Waste #10: Failure to Start Marketing the Web.

See our website: http://www.21st-centurymarketing.com/ for your free report. Include your email, confirm, and enjoy!


~ by 21stCenturyMarketingSystems on December 2, 2009.

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