Leverage Your Selling Skills Into Your Own Marketing/Sales Consulting Business!

Inc.com recently listed “Niche Consulting” as one of the best industries for “Starting a Business Right Now”. They reported (and our experience confirms) that businesses everywhere are “dropping corporate consultancies in favor of smaller, more specialized firms.”

Because the demand for our system has increased so much in recent months, and because we believe that it will be the small business sector, the entrepreneurs, that pull us out of this recession; we are dedicating ourselves to helping as many aspiring entrepreneurs as we can this year.

On January 26th we are hosting a free Tele-Seminar titled:

“How to Leverage Your Skills into Your Own Marketing/Sales Consulting Business”

Date: Tuesday January 26th, 2010

Time: 4pm Pacific (5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern)

You can register at:


Our niche is helping small businesses grow WITHOUT asking them to spend more money on advertising. You will learn a step-by-step system that helps businesses uncover, leverage, and optimize their existing marketing assets for guaranteed growth of up to 25-100% or more.

Hoping that 2010 is the best year for you yet!



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