Stop Ignoring Growth Opportunities

So I get an email every business day from the Harvard Business Review under their “Management Tip of the Day.”

I thought today’s tip was not only great, but very related to the work we do with our clients.  I also liked the article because it included some great case studies.

The tip of the day is:

“Stop Ignoring Growth Opportunities”

“Chances are that someone inside your organization has a great idea for how to grow your company. Chances are also that leadership is ignoring that idea. Kodak long ignored an engineer’s idea for a “filmless camera” (aka a digital camera) because it was in the business of selling film. The largest growth opportunities are often the market-changing ideas that not only represent growth, but a threat to your business as well. Figure out what those threats are before someone else does. Ask your people: what could put us out of business? In the answer to that question may be your biggest source of innovation.”

You can read the full article the tip is based on HERE.


~ by 21stCenturyMarketingSystems on February 18, 2010.

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